Deforestation Essay: Causes and Effects

Development of the modern world paints a bad picture for our planet and unfortunately it’s all because of human actions. Deforestation and its effects are increasing and only people can stop this process. An essay on this topic is often used while studying at colleges, schools and universities, and perfect writing is depending on student’s preparing, knowing the material and understanding the scale of the problem.

How Deforestation Influences on Nature

Before writing deforestation causes and effects essay think carefully about the subject of future text, its structure and abidance of main rules of composing. You can imagine yourself at some animal’s place that lives in the forest and tries to survive in deforestation conditions. So, tell how animals see their houses are removed, the territory keeps thinning, and as a result the beautiful dense forest is reduced in tree stumps.


In your deforestation causes and effects essay write down about definitions, conditions, results of this process and so on. Tell that people do not only aggravate global warming, but also deteriorate climatic conditions, increase the rate of soil erosion, make animals homeless.

Causes of Deforestation

Your deforestation causes and effects essay should include some lists and statistics to make your text more informative. Thus, speaking about causes, don’t forget to tell about these causes:

  • urban construction;
  • agriculture;
  • grazing land;
  • using as fuel;
  • commercial purpose;
  • illegal logging.

Deforestation Effects

Important information is effects of cutting down trees essay writing, you can write about all of these adverse effects or some of them:

  1. Deforestation leads to erosion of soil.
  2. Water cycle is violated.
  3. Biodiversity is lost.
  4. Flooding and drought is irreversible.
  5. Climate changes.
  6. Flora and fauna dies.

deforestation effect

Deforestation causes and effects essay could have various size that depends on teacher’s demand. Besides, the student must tell everything he wants and thinks necessary. To describe the topic fully you’ll need statics, data, polls’ results showing. Thus, you’ll get interesting text with informative component.