The term “deforestation” means cutting trees by humans to clear out forests territory for making free land that can be used for farming, housing and so on. But this process could have the bigger influence and have global destructive proportions. People should understand causes, outcomes and ways of solving this problem. That is why this topic is popular at schools, colleges and universities and students know much more about deforestation problem.

How to Write an Essay

Before starting writing the students should know how to write an essay. In stop deforestation essay you should follow the specific structure, where the author thinks about the topic and gives own point of view on it.
Usually an essay has the typical structure and consists of a title, introduction, main part, and conclusion.


  1. Title should reflect the theme of the story.
  2. Introduction shows the topic in few sentences.
  3. Body describes the meaning of the essay. Here the author should fully describe the topic, show the arguments.
  4. In conclusion it is necessary to give the summary.

The Structure of Stop Deforestation Essay

To write the excellent short essay on save wildlife in stop deforestation topic you should not only describe the problem but also propose solutions of it. Thus, in the parts of this essay you should tell:

  • Introduction – indicate the problem of deforestation, its causes and possible effects.
  • Body – you should suggest ways of the solving of deforestation problems and effects from these acts, thus clearly argue what people should do to stop deforestation and reasons of it.
  • Conclusion – here make the summary of the essay.

The Plan of Working

When you have chosen the subject of the stop deforestation essay then start to write but follow some rules of writing. First, stick the structure of an essay and write the plan and write there all parts and follow this strict structure if you want to get food mark.

Don’t forget about draft. Remember that you should use it reasonably. So after receiving the task write down your thoughts and arguments in the form of brief theses. In this case you won’t forget important thoughts while writing a clean-up.


Be laconic because an essay is a short written work. Usually the teacher gives the desired size of the stop deforestation essay so try to follow it seriously. To have more informative text add arguments, statistics and interesting examples, thus the reader will be sure you know what you are talking about and you are sure in it.